Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back at Disney's

This week I'm officially back at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.  I couldn't be more happy to join such amazing and talented artists who are all so happy and eager to make great films.

It's been a while since being at the studio and there are many new faces along with many old ones who I had so much pleasure to see again.  The buildning has undergone many cosmetic changes within but walking through on a tour today brought out dream like memories of experiances long ago.  Some say that walls have memories - today I felt them.

I can remember moments in the corridors of every corner I walked into.  I remembered old production pods of films past and offices that I spent many days in.  Some corners and offices aren't even there any longer as the studio is still undergoing it's metamorphisis.

There was one particular room I went into today that was the most important room of the day for me.

The Art Studio.

The Life Drawing room that Walt Stanchfield held his class in.  The very room where he walked and taught many many artists including me.

As Stephanie (our guide) walked all of us "newbies" into the room, I passed bye them quietly.  No one knew what I was feeling, no one knew why I was whistfully walking into the room and taking in a deep breathe of reminiscence.

I was pleased to see all the drawing horses that he walked around and the cabinets that held all the supplies we used.  The smell of the air was exactly the same as when Walt stood over our sketches with that keane eye.

I felt Walt in the room, I felt his spirit.  As if he was saying with a wink, "Welcome back!"

We all walked out as I held a lump in my throat, I smiled and winked back saying "thanks Walt."

When all of you out there work with students and mentees - remember that your words and teachings can stay with people forever.  The lessons that enlighten us and help us grow are those lessons that live in on as artist's use them to build careers and eventually pass them on.

Walt left such an impression on me and my life I can't thank him enough.  Hopefully being back in the halls where he stood, he'll know how much gratitude I have for all he did for me and so many others.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sue Blanchard!

There's something so charming about Sue Blanchard's work.  I love the commitment!  Good going Sue!

Check her out!

copyright: Sue Blanchard