Thursday, July 27, 2006

More to come

I'm sure you all have stopped looking at the blog for a while now. I'll be up and running again soon. Screening time can really knock you out.

So,..... more to come....

Friday, July 14, 2006

More class sketches

Fun, fun fun! These classes are so rewarding and at the moment, unfortunatly I can't teach them outside of work yet{I've had a few inquiries}. But I have such a blast because of the students who come. They all have a diversity that inspires the next one and we all have a great time. Even some of the models who come are actually surprised that we all talk and play music becuase they're used to the more classically quiet classes. There's nothing wrong with that, but I like to keep it light and enjoyable. So, on this post I wanted to high light these two artists and show a bit of my own.

Please enjoy

Devin Crane and Jenny Lerew

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Walt Stanchfield sketches 01

It's not often you are able to see Walt Stanchfield sketches or artwork. Granted, anyone who has his golden notes has some of his doodles of correction. When I was back at Disney's drawing with him he was constantly bringing in his latest sketchbooks and the students, including myself would pour all over them and soak up as much as we possibly could through any process of osmosis possible. He was very modest and didn't really want us to give him praise, he constantly threw his hands at us with a big push of air through his teeth and say "Naaaaaa!" Either way his artistry and patience as a teacher was like a light that guided anyone who took his class. He wasn't pushy with style, he always looked at personal style as a blessing and something that was unique to the artist. This made his job more fun, he got to see so many different types of work that inspired him and gave him more fuel to produce his own great pieces. When Walt passed his wife Dee knew of a few artist's at the studio who Walt was close to. She took it upon herself to give some of his sketches to them. The pieces were divided up among us and we all were given a little piece of Walt's heart and passion, truly one of the best gifts I'd been given. Then there where some that where Dee's personal favorites that meant alot to her that she couldn't part with {understandably}. These she color copied and gave them to us and we were so grateful to her. Dee Stanchfield was completely graceful to have given away art that Walt produced.

These are a few of many that I will post in time. Enjoy!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ahh, the weekend....

So here you go, this drawing isn't mine. It was done by a story artists who's been coming to my class for a while now. SHE didn't want me to take it or post it, let alone tell you who SHE was. I told her that I would respect her wishes and not give her name out, BUT! I lied. I really love this sketch, It has so much movement in it. The lean on the pose really goes far back and the legs seem to have a nice stability. It almost seems as if this character is going to move forward. You can almost here the ending of a song and the character has done his routine exiting stage. Either way the artist was embarrassed that I liked it so much and SHE threw the paper down as if to cast away this horrible sketch. I picked it up and geeked out over it and told her this is what sketching is all about, loose, spontanious and fun with a nice bit of acting to the face too. So, if SHE will forgive me, here comes my lie....Claire Morrissey, you did a fine drawing here!