Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoo "People"

I recently went to the zoo and it was so hot the animals were nowhere to be seen.  I decided to sketch the other animals walking around.  I always end up drawing the people at the zoo because I find them to be an interesting lot.
These sketches were done fairly quickly and I started using a large sketchbook(9x11) and Copic marker!

No Souvenir

Teddybear head

Tough kid with visor

Umbrella haad

"you mean to tell me that those monkeys can't jump over that railing and attack us?"

Taking pic of the flowers

Grandma walking kid 

Guy with camera

Hawaii five old

Holding up the fence

Friday, June 08, 2012


The new Pixar movie is upon us soon and I'm really excited to see it.  The best precursor to watching the movie has been reading the Art of Brave written by my good friend Jenny Lerew.

Ill be honest, I never read these books because i'm usually captured by the art and I'm just a slow reader in general so I skim.  This book I'm reading and the writing moves so well that I'm captivated by the story that Jenny tells.

I found myself wanting to know the next story point and the next and the next.

All of us in animation have gone through processes like this but Jenny writes it with great tension and humor painting a world that sounds exciting and primordial.

Oh yeah, and one more small little thing.  This book is chuck full of amazing paintings, character designs, Storyboards, who'd of thought Storyboards would be celebrated so much?  Jenny has really made a book that gives more and more every time I open it!  It's a definite must have book!

Hat's off to Jenny Lerew and the Pixar team of amazing artists and filmmakers for such a great Art of book!