Monday, October 24, 2011

While I waited...

This little lady dug through her bag constantly while we waited to board our flight from NY to LA last week.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Congratulations to Jim, Megan and Dave!!!

The 2011 Story Initiative is complete!  The team pitched their final boards and they all did an amazing job!

Jim Hull,(center) Megan Dong(the girl) and Dave Wolter (far right) will be a force to be reckoned with as they go into production.

The guy on the far left is Aaron Cimity our production sup, we couldn't of done it without him.  This was my first time tackling the DW intitiative, judging by my big smile in the far back-I had a blast!

I wish them all the best!


A fellow artist asked me "What keeps you inspired to do the job, what keeps you going"? 

This is what I told him.

Think of production as the settlement of the earth.  All the meetings, schedules, deadlines, various departments and opinions are like the layers of earth that all add up to the big globe of obligations.  But there's a fine layer of gold in the midst of all that compacted pressure.  It's bright shiny and full of luster!  It's your ART!  Your art is Golden!

It's that simple act and ability to bring life to a sketch or painting that never existed before.  The lines, strokes and decisions you chose to express in your work will always be yours. 

We usually have others  supervising, i.e. Directors, Heads of studios, and even our loved ones but none of them can make that exact choice you have.  So I finished my answer to my friend as "You are an artist and your art is GOLDEN"!

Interestingly that artists' name rhymes with golden.

Here are some of my quick gestures from Monday's class.  Take care!