Monday, December 19, 2011

Iridescent Blessings!

No matter what plateaus we reach as artists we are always thinking of the next one to get to.  At least that's what happens to me.  I am constantly racing and competing with myself to accomplish more artwork and career work! 

The minutes become precious through out the day as I worry about how many I can dedicate to reaching these higher planes.  Art is always subjective and it's incredibly personal but I can't help but strive to be better.

I'm convinced that is the life of an artist, or at least this artist.  Although we have to be mindful of one thing...stop and smell the roses!...once in a while.

It's those little (or Big!) iridescent blessings that we need to notice!  These are the things that feul our well of resources from which we pull from to create what we do.  It's your friends, your siblings, your family members, or maybe even your pet that inspires life into our work. 

I give one hundred percent credit to my wife for stopping me and showing me all the beautiful iridescent flowers around me.  I'm lucky to have her with me otherwise I'd be missing out!

We all need to take a moment this holiday to be thankful for all the plateaus we've reached this year, smell the flowers and get ready to fill 2012 with more Love, Peace, "Art" and Happiness!

Merry Christmas everyone!