Friday, April 22, 2011

Stripey socks

As I've said before, the inspiration of the class inspires me to sketch a few.  The first two were drawn with sharpee - the blue ones were done with a dying copic on a card stock that I found in the room.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Artist in animation V.S. Animation artist

I've recently been having great discussions with my pal Ben Balistreri about striving to be a better artist in storyboarding and in animation as a whole.  We talked about staying hungry to learn more and more as we go on in our careers.  As we spoke it really began to strike me that we need to believe that we are artists in animation not just animation artists.

As an artist you should always want to get better.  We are on a constant road of evolution with our art.  I believe that true artists aren't satisfied with where they are on that road of evolution.  They are always searching for inspiring visuals, books, films, paintings, drawings, or anything to help them learn and get better.    It's a double edged sword for artists who feel this way because you want to feel good about your current work and yet you should be self aware as to how you want to improve it.  The day we stop striving to be better artists is the day we become stagnant and stop growing.

Psychologically believing that you are an artist who works in animation will benefit your animation career.  Reason being you will not just be completing a trade on a daily basis but you will see the artistic facet of your trade whether it be animating, storyboarding, modeling, character design,,,etc.  Realizing that artistic facet will help defeat mediocrity.

The opposite mind set is solely being an animation artist.  this is someone who will not create outside the realm of their job description and will not create any art after they have left the building of employment.  I respect everyone no matter how they feel, but that way of thinking means that that artist is a tradesman.  Someone who is crafting a particular skill and that skill only.  These artists or tradesman if you will do not create any art at home.

The psychological effect can turn into an animation artist who does not grow or doesn't care to grow in their career because they don't see themselves as artists first.  Thus the career dictates the amount of art done and the hunger to improve is suppressed.  Some may be totally fine with that or some may say they don't have time to create art outside of work.  I've even heard many say that they draw enough all day and the last thing they want to do when they get home is draw.  Sad.

My rant here is meant to give support to all and any who believe that they are artists working in animation and not just animation artists.  It's for those people who want to learn and get better on their evolutionary road of artistic development.  It's for those who love animation and apply their passion for art into what they do on the job.  I believe animation is Art!  But that art is part of the bigger picture (literally).  Your personal art not only can support your daily grind on the job but it lives on it's own outside of the silver screen.

I guess I'm saying have fun being an artist first! Let that be in your heart and mind as you create the great films to come.  It can be drawing, painting, sketching, sculpture, comics...anything!  Believe you are an artists and never settle for mediocrity!


Wednesday, April 06, 2011


An uncomfortable first date.

3 GTO's

These are drawn from the cool model named Jee Teo.  He's fun to draw.  The time on these are about 20 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes.  I used a big fat Marks-O-Lot marker for them

Square Dance

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.....

Monday's sketch.