Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get Creative

Sometimes in the drawing class we are beat over the head with the thought that we have to be photorealistic which may cause us to get a bit stiff. I now there's a place and time for the more classical way of drawing and painting but we in animation like to be a bit more impressionistic right?

So the other day we had a model {very graceful}who would continually do the same pose for us, over and over and it made me think "I have to get creative" and caricature her and still try to get the gesture out. You start to push the shapes more and accentuate the forms into an impressionistic style and not a realistic style even though its all based on reality.

The impressionists work of the past always seemed to have an energy to it and even a sense of movement. I truly believe we're all impressionists in animation, and if they we're alive today they would be into our art form.

Any how have a good one.