Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ennio Torresan 2


It's the first word that comes to my mind when I see this fabulous artist take flight in my gesture class. Ennio Torresan has a natural ability to draw just about anything in an amusing and different way. He comes into my class a little late stumbling across drawing horses and sculpting tables holding a big art box and over sized watercolor pad. I notice him setting up like a mad man in the corner. I pay no attention to him yet becuase I may be talking out loud or helping another artists with their drawing. All I hear is boom, bam, crash! This guy with his Eienstien hair do is still getting set up. Time goes and I'm making my rounds over to him and by the time I get to him, he's got a smile of contentment on his face and in his hand he holds a large japanese brush filled with permanent ink. "I'm having so much fun" he tells me and I look at his drawing and WOW! This guy is taking everything I've tried to inspire him with and taken it to a different place. He's just making art! He doesn't care what it looks like, he's not going for a portfolio review, he's just drawing free! He has no limits to his direction and I encourage you to look at each and every piece here and enjoy this deceptively simple, yet powerful work that Ennio has done. (FYI-- He was so inspired, the last drawing is of his wife, he did at home)


Martin Wittig said...

Very inspiring work!!!!:)

Jeff said...

¡Fresco! ¡A me inspiran que asga mi pluma del cepillo! ¡Muchas gracias!

Nick Sung said...

Wow--these are amazing!
Very confident, inspring work! Those last six really knock me out, and that's a great story to boot.

John S. said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Your description of his attitude towards his life drawing is as inspiring as his drawings, and complete the image of this truly unique artist. Thanks for posting these!

MrBubblesNSunshine said...





Lee-Roy said...


Matt Jones said...

Yup, real inspiring. Thanks for giving us a chance to see this & introducing your talented, if a little disorganised friend! Does he have a blog?

Meesimo said...

Incredoyable! Poetically fun drawings. Each line does the work of an average picture's 10 lines! I'm gonna go draw right now!