Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hair tip

Happy New Year!

I've gotten the question asked so many times "how do you handle hair?" and I try to keep my answer as simple as I can. The hair lines need to be in the direction of the haircut or hair style, everyone's different. I see a ton of sketches that just crosshatch the hair or tone it in a one-line direction. I think that's a really quick way to flatten the volume on any head of hair. Next time you sketch someones dew try to follow the natural lines. Draw the cut or style of the person and draw your strokes in the direction of the hair. Ok, well my answer went a bit long but I get a little into it...ha!

These three lil' sketches are my very first sketches of 2010! I'm blasting through a little 3x5 moleskine. It's fun. {pics taken with my iphone so res will be a bit low}





Louise Smythe said...

happy new year! great advice on hair - thanks. i love these drawings!

Alexis Barattin said...

wow! sooo energetic!

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

oh my gosh Dave
these are incredible.
happy new year.

lorelay bove said...

Happy new Year! Great Post! Thanks for sharing!


R.Dress said...

Wonderful Studies! Thanks for all the notes though out the year. Looking forward to see what 2010 will bring!

Tim said...

One time in a life drawing class, a fellow student like my drawing and asked how I did my hair. I told her I simply towel-dried it after washing. No gel or anything. She looked at me with a vacant stare. Then she blinked a couple of times and finally got my joke,

(of course, this was a long time ago... when I had hair.)

So I told her that it was about capturing the volume more than the strands. Block in the shape of the hair-do, then add the strokes of hair, pretty much like contour lines.

As I look at your sketches I see the same thing. Notice how your lines get fatter and closer together on the underside of the volume, giving us a sense of shadow and roundness. Especially apparent in the sketch of Gabriel.

I like the white space in Diego's hair, just above his bangs, giving us the highlight along the forehead ridge.

Great work! Very intuitive!

Ron said...

Cool, Dave. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Jenny Lerew said...

Great observations, and love the trio!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Great sketches!

michaelamos said...

Hey Dave,

Great blog - your work and the tips are great. Thanks so much for the one on hair - it is something I always overdo (think to much about it). This helps a lot!

Thanks again!

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