Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Egg heads and head shapes

When working with drawing the heads and faces I've usually told people to use the egg shape method by Walt Stanchfield. It's meant to quickly sketch in the construction of the head because many times people forget the volume. It's an excellent way to lay in the head and figure out the perspective by using the nose and the eyes.

Objective aesthetics come into play as we draw in the nose/eyes placement. We all have our own way of sketching a nose or eyes but this quick sketch beginning should be loose. Plus the intersection of the two egg shapes allows for an easy ear placement.

Inevitably once you've become comfortable with the egg equation you graduate to the next level of attitude and acting that's specific to the model. Our drawings become more unique and individual as we push the acting and attitude given to us as the egg shapes morph into caricatured versions of reality.

A particular jaw shape versus a forehead shape, mixed in with a nose shape builds on all the simplistic scaffolding in the beginning of the sketch. The trajectory.

The idea with all this is to try and sketch economically direct! You want to use your construction lines as your final lines. Or at least lines that are going in the direction of final lines. Which means hopefully you won't have to many lines that are aimless.

Here are a few examples from one of my sketchbooks, hope you like'em.

Cafe smug

FIDM girl

Woman on the train

Eukenuba Judge


Martin said...

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to let u know that since purchasing Walt Stanchfield's books this month, I've never been so inspired by an artist's work. I had no idea who the great man was until both books were published, but just by browsing and reading the text alone, I could tell straight away why the man is a legend.

I really enjoy reading your blogs too, especially since you attribute a lot of techniques to Walt's teachings. Bookmarked your blog. Definitely will be tuning in daily.

A fan,

Dave Pimentel said...

thanks Mark,
Walt was a big inspiration for many through out his life and I was fortunate enough to know him and learn from him as best I could. Now with his books out, the whole world can enjoy and learn what he had to give. It's an awesome set!


Ron said...

These are very helpful tips. Thanks, Dave! Always useful and inspiring stuff.

JRonson said...

Great works in this blog, contragtlations !

Richard Smitheman said...


joonasjoonas said...

gotta go and draw some eggs! Your lines are really confident. Good flow too!

søren bendt said...

good stuff! love your sketches!

ethan said...

I think the greatest attribute of your drawings is no matter how ugly the person really is in reality, you create an air of beauty with your lines and shapes you use. great stuff dave. keep the posts coming.

mokou said...

this is a big step into improving my gesture drawing tremendously. i am elated that i found this blog... it's so inspiring and makes me want to sketch like a fiend. thank you dave.

Arp said...

Thank you SO much! You unlocked what had been a mystery to me. I'd seen the circle/cross method before and tried Ben Campbell's book too and I just couldn't get it. I see your explanation of Stanchfield's method and *boom* I got hit by understanding. Please blog more :)