Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Out at the barn

Went out to the equestrain center last week with Jenny Lerew and Dave Derrrick. Drawing while having a cold wasn't easy, but I had a blast!



Equestrian girl

Equestrian man

Walking back


Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Great sketches! I know how difficult is to draw horses from life.

J said...

Jeez, Dave, these are amazing. I second what Gabriele said. Drawing horses is rough!

croquisman said...

Excellent,good job!!

Dave said...

thank you all, too nice! I wasn't feeling so well that day, it's hard drawing with a runny nose.

MondayMorgue said...

Awesome, looks fun.

nima said...

I like so much this style !!! You focus on the essence of your subject.Very expressive!!!thank you.

Leo Matsuda said...

those drawings are so inspiring, Dave. can't wait to see more!!!