Monday, September 14, 2009


I added simple "orange"graphs to show the overlap example.

Pronunciation: \im-ˈplī\
  • Function: transitive verb
  • Inflected Form(s): im·pliedim·ply·ing
  • Etymology: Middle English emplien, from Anglo-French emplier to entangle — more at employ
  • Date: 14th century

1 obsolete : enfoldentwine
2 : to involve or indicate by inference, association, or necessary consequence rather than by direct statement imply obligations>
3 : to contain potentially
4 : to express indirectly implied consent>

synonyms see suggest
usage see infer

One of the things that I'm always trying to get across to friends and students is to "Imply" shapes behind other shapes. Walt used to draw a circle over a circle and call it an orange in front of an orange to describe overlap.  The drawn lines of the oranges behind the front one where inferred to exemplify body shapes or tree shapes or whatever it was behind what we drew.  The other was the mountain example which was pretty self explanatory.  I'll use the orange example for the post.
When you look at the definition of "Imply" it starts with obsolete meaning no longer in use or no longer useful. This could help, by thinking we don't need to draw what we can't see the hidden shapes within the overlap.  The second definition is about inferring and not drawing too direct.  To infer the shapes behind others.  The third we are containing the shapes behind others and the fourth is indirect expression of the shapes. HA! it all relates when you think about overlap and how we can draw the orange behind the orange!

I had to put the examples first, blogger was acting up!


samacleod said...

Great post Dave. I'm gonna send this to Josh ;)

Unknown said...

I'm reading Drawn To life. I have read Walts notes before as pdf, but there's so much information in every single chapter. To me overlapping seems obvious, but when you actually take time to think about it, space and depth become more concrete. And that's what makes drawing interesting, -learning. All these difficult word wouldn't have opened to me. So thanks for the great post!

ludyfied said...

Dave, you're a fantastic teacher. Your lessons are beautifully illustrated and well thought out. The next best thing to sitting in with ol' Walt (how I miss him).

I look at your posts every week for inspiration before life drawing class.

Keep up the good work.


Leo Matsuda said...

Amazing gesture as usual Dave! I really miss your classes man.

Leo Matsuda said...

Amazing gesture as usual Dave! I really miss your classes man.

Michael said...

post more stuff mang!!!!

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David Wolter said...

Cool - Thanks for posting.

Ron said...

Pure inspiration, Dave! Thanks for the invaluable instruction. Always good ("freshness!").

bathmate said...
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Made In China said...

Your an exellent teacher and I would like to thank you for posting such wonderful and inspiring drawings. Also, I would like to know what tool you use to draw with? is it an ink brush. Anyway keep up the good work