Friday, March 06, 2009

Soccer saturdays

I've been taking my son to soccer saturdays.  It's been fun to watch him run around like a crazy kid!  The other thing is I've been away from the blogging for a while and I've come back now with a new banner as you can see.  I'm keeping the domain the same so my friends can still link to me- but my reason for the banner change is for what I've been calling "the year of reinvention!"  We all come into a new at times in our life's and today is time to make the change.  Draw! Draw! Draw!

Diego chasing the ball

A mother and child watching on.

A mother chasing after her son who got onto the field wanting to play!

Diego having a "ball."


Mark said...

Interesting work--they remind me of a WWII cartoonist's work I remember seeing somewhere. I got to this site by clicking the "next blog" button so it more or less came up randomly.

bleupencil said...

These are great! Especially that second last one of the mother and son, it's fantastic! Such a wonderful capture of character and motion. Love it!

Randeep Katari said...

Dave, these are amazing, and I have to agree with Amanda, the mother and son one looks like it's about to fly off the page.
How are things?

justin said...

Wonderful sketches, Dave. Great to have you back.

David said...

nice drawing of Diego dribbling the ball- I like the new look for your blog.