Thursday, November 13, 2008

meeting sketches

these where some sketches that where done in a meeting and the scanner had a hard time reading them but I thought they still had some value. gotta keep sketching no matter where you are



lorelay bove said...

Thanks for posting again!

Januel Mercado said...

Yes! Can't wait to have you back at Gesture Drawing class!

Jeremy Cardarelli said...

Excellent gesture work! Great flow!

susda74 said...

your hand its amazing,realy!!!

Maggie said...

Hi Dave,
Don Hahn and I would like to share some Walt Stanchfield info with you. Don just finished editing "Drawn to Life" the complete work of Stanchfield and we are hoping you can post it on your blog. What is your email address?
Maggie Gisel

Dave Pimentel said...

Maggie, if your out there still please call me at dreamworks animation and i can definately post about the book