Sunday, May 05, 2013

Remember it's ART.

I carry a sketchbook with me just in case inspiration hits.  Long ago I used to draw randomly and aimlessly in my sketchbooks believing that it was the shear act of doing it that would make me a better artist.

I was pouring out little sketches all across the page.  All the poses looked similar and none of them had any spark.  They all blended into one another in a way were not one sketch commanded it's own presence.  It also took forever to fill a sketchbook and the pages didn't seem like they were important because there was no focus on anyone sketch.

One day I worked up enough courage to show Glen Keane one of my books and he was kind enough to look.  After a few flipped pages he stopped looking and told me that my images were hard to focus on because I had way too many small sketches on the page.  He kindly spent time sifting through the book and looking for some sketches he liked, but I felt he was really stretching as he complimented.  In the end his advise was to draw one drawing per page and really focus in on what that one pose was trying to say or do and really study it.  He said,  "remember, each page is a piece of art!"

Glen's advise made me realize that every sketch is one that you can learn from, it deserves it's time from you. each sketch needs your focus and study. 

Each sketch is "ART" and it deserves it's own page!

When we focus in on one drawing per page that sketch becomes so important.  The choices become more definite.  The lines become very directed as the emotion and attitude illuminate from the page.

With that said mistakes are more evident- but you learn more from your own executions with each page you fill.  When I buy a new sketchbook I can't help but look at the page count and think that that's how many sketches will be in that book.

Gone are the days of unfocused sketches that randomly sit on a page.  Every page in my books now have become valuable to the sketch that sits on them.  Even if I don't agree with that sketch it still deserves it's day to shine.

Boldly give it a go!  I think you'll find great challenge to the approach.

The first four pieces are from Starbucks the other day and the last gesture from a lacrosse game on tv.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I definitely feel you on this subject. What a weird coincidence. I was thinking of this same exact subject today while out with my family and actually thought about writing it on my blog today. I still remember you telling me this exact same information 2 years ago at CTN and I have applied it since. One thing though, that top drawing is damn good my man.Thanks again for the wonderful information. It really changed my thought on sketchbooks after our conversation that day at CTN.

Just started a blog 4 days ago. Check it out. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this great advice!

Dave Pimentel said...

Thanks Dave and Jinny. @Dave I'll be sure to check out your blog and I think you should definitely post about this topic!

Louise Smythe said...

Yep, I'm inspired by this. Thanks for sharing the wisdom, Dave!

Jamie Iles said...

I was thinking about this other day. Rather than filling my sketchbook with aimless drawings, I tried this approach of one drawing per page and found not only did I like what I sketched, but I also learned a lot more from it. Great post!

Kyrstin said...

Thanks for making this post! Very inspiring and helpful - I definitely suffer from having too many sketches on the page, not enough focus. I can't wait to implement this new mindset... love the sketches, especially the first two. Great gesture and line weight!

Jon Ventura said...

Very inspirational. Thanks for the wisdom! I'm def. going to apply this to all my sketchbooks going forward.

Anonymous said...

Sure thing Dave. Ill post about it tonight.

Unknown said...

Great post, advice I will take to heart. I have to approach my sketches with a whole different mindset now, looking forward to it.


Mark Pamintuan said...

Hey Dave!

My name is Mark and my dream is to be a story artist someday. I've been following your work for awhile now and your drawings always inspire me! Your sketches are so clear and communicate emotion so well. I hope to do the same eventually.

Thank you for your advice in treating each sketch as an important piece of art! I've been struggling through what you said about drawing too many things in one page. I'll definitely try out just focusing on one sketch per page.

Thank you very much for always being an inspiration! Excited to see more of your work!