Thursday, May 02, 2013

High noon happy accident!

About a week ago I was walking into work a bit late and ran into a rugged mean looking cowboy  He had on a black hat, black vest and black villainous mustache.  It was the gesture model John Tucker who most of you know or have heard of on my blog or twitter feed.  

Then moments later a western saloon skirted, high heel boot wearing girl came down the hall and she was very excited to model in the class.  This was Rachel Bailit, one of the most bubbly actress' I know.

I was a bit nervous at first but quickly figured we had a happy accident of having two models pose this day.  Which of course I loved!

One tip I'd like to share about two models in gesture drawing is: Remember the beginning of the sketch is all one big mass shape.  You are definitely trying to capture two different subjects but when you approach the building of the sketch
you want to draw them together as they relate and connect to each other.

Sometimes we start drawing the sketchy gesture lines for only one of two models trying to figure out how they're posed and time is ticking away.  Suddenly the models have moved on and we're left with half a sketch or a ghosty image of the second model that doesn't really allow for a true relationship expressed between the two models.

In the few minutes we give ourselves to get the sketch done we really need to encompass the whole pose in the first few lines of trajectory.  It's not easy!  The challenge is tough but I know that you are passionate and are ready to take it on!  

Here are a few inspired quick sketches I did after noticing that even though these two models never met before- they hit it off like they were old saloon pals.

two minute pose (on twitter I said one minute because I started drawing late into the pose. let's break even at about a minute and a half)

Two minute pose 
Five minute pose


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