Sunday, June 04, 2006

a different type of anotomy

What I mean is the anatomy of a sketch. I had to take a pic of this piece because it was done a large newsprint. This is a bit of insight to what goes through my head when I'm teaching students and trying to instill them with all that I've learned from Walt Stanchfield. He taught many principles for sketching an art and I've always said to the class that it really is hard to think of all of them and squeeze them all into one drawing. This is why we do so many drawings in one class {at least 40 drawings easy}. Anyhow, in one of the last classes I held I sat down in a moment of inspiration and drew this drawing as quickly as I could. Along the way I wrote down all the thoughts I had when I was laying down the lines. The drawing took about two to three minutes to finish and it was an interesting excercise for me, as I drew I wrote and those two ideas coming together helped me solidify my encouragement for the students, I got excited! I eagerly got up and showed the piece in hopes that some of what I talk about in the class was reinforced by this little map of sorts. A map with a few of the Walt principles he taught. Certainly there are more principles that exist, not only these but within gesture drawing these truly are some to look out for.

Squash and stretch
off centered head {not stiff]
more wieght on one leg
the other relaxing
perspective on foot placement
shoulder to hip differential
twist of the spine


Doron Meir said...

That's a double-bravo - one for the great sketch, and one for the great notes. This is like several months of teaching, crammed into one page! definitely gets a place on my wall. Thanks, And if you feel like doing a few more like that one...I have some free wall space right here for it :)

Marmax said...

Yeah, I'd like to see more soon too. Thanks!

Mark McDonnell said...

Hey man I LOVE the stuff you have here. I actually take Diana Coco-Russell's class which is the extension of the Walt Stanchfield method as well. GREAT stuff here and a big fan!

Please come check out my blog if you have a chance, I hope you will enjoy my scrawlings under similar circumstances too.