Friday, June 30, 2006

Car drawing

While on break, the inspiration hit to sketch the faces that we passed in the adjacent vehicles next to us. Now I'm not crazy enough to sketch while driving at the wheel the way Walt stanchfield would but I sketched these people while my wife drove. If anyone is traveling this weekend and your "not" in the driving seat, give it a shot, it's fun. The nice thing is the window of the subject's car gives them a nice natural little frame and it helps compose the sketch on the page. Oh and one more thing don't get car sick. Have a nice forth of July!


R.Dress said...

Hi David,
Great Work! Does it ever bother you when the person your drawing feels that their space is being invaded or they simply just don't want you to draw them? Do you keep going or do you stop, or play it off like your drawing something else by turning your head off to one side and such. Any how keep up the great work:)
Happy 4th!!!!!!!!

Dave Pimentel said...

I think that I've been doing this long enough now that I've not had that problem in a long time. The other thing to remember is, those people out there are like a model sheet that you are trying to reproduce in your head to the paper. Looking at someone too long and them getting bugged by that is similar to tracing a model sheet, hinging on every turn and line of the model. Look quick and draw your impression.

I hope that makes sense, Keep doing it though. Eventually you'll master the art of keeping your head more still and your eyes will be moving to capture the images you need for your drawing.

Jenny said...

Great stuff!
I only wish one of these guys(or gals)would somehow stumble across these images...wouldn't it be great? They've achieved a little immortality thanks to your pen(and your wife driving)!

Have a swell 4th! : )

R.Dress said...

That makes perfect sense.

mackaydesign said...

great expression and character design. Love it.

LOOCH said...

What a great idea and well captured faces! If I weren't car sick I'd give it a try.

anahi said...

me encanto tu blog!! saludos!!

cvxv said...
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