Saturday, December 01, 2012

Complimentary sign posts

In the latest class I pointed out a sketch to an artist as my favorite one they did.  The artist replied that it's taken so long to get there.  I sympathized and agreed that it does take time.  Luckily we love doing what we do so we can stick to it and continue to learn.

One thing that's incredibly important though is to realize that moment when you've achieved a sketch worthy of a mentor's praise.

The drawing that an instructor points out is the drawing that should jettison you to that next level of focus. 
You must be conscious of the fact that you did something good that is on the right track.  Pay attention to that compliment and treat it as a  "sign post" that leads you to further focused development.  Then ask which way now?   That sketch becomes your new start position and other bad ones fall away. 

Missing that complimentary sign post can leave you aimlessly drawing without focus and hoping that you'll magically get better.  Notice that drawing that's pointed out and follow its guidance.  The best part about this is you actually drew it!


Stephen Anderson said...

Great point. It's always a fun thing to do is apply criticism: both the positive and the negative to achieve greater progress. I've seen the power of it, and I try to continue in that same pattern to continue to grow as an artist. Thank you for your words!

d. vasquez said...

Great concept Dave! Thanks for continue the support of teaching us what you've learned all these years.

amir said...

helpful teachers like Walt are awesome but few and far in between. there are a awesome quotes in the Drawn to life books that continue to affect the way I rate success in drawings.

Unknown said...

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