Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoo "People"

I recently went to the zoo and it was so hot the animals were nowhere to be seen.  I decided to sketch the other animals walking around.  I always end up drawing the people at the zoo because I find them to be an interesting lot.
These sketches were done fairly quickly and I started using a large sketchbook(9x11) and Copic marker!

No Souvenir

Teddybear head

Tough kid with visor

Umbrella haad

"you mean to tell me that those monkeys can't jump over that railing and attack us?"

Taking pic of the flowers

Grandma walking kid 

Guy with camera

Hawaii five old

Holding up the fence


Demi Chen said...

Thank you for these, Mr. Pimentel, they certainly made me smile!
"No Souvenir" was definitely my favorite...that is, until I got to "You mean to tell me that those monkeys can't jump over that railing and attack us?"
Your sketches are absolutely charming!

Carrie Liao said...

these are awesome! The crowd at the zoo is always interesting :)

James Bourne said...

Fantastic gestures Mr. Pimentel. I'm also enjoying "Evoke" a great deal. Another quick question if I may: I'm currently taking classes from Alex Woo, and I've been learning more about drawing my subjects as one unit rather than as separate body parts. When you draw, how do you look at your model as one unit? Where do you normally start?

TABIA LEES said...

Sir, I've always found the way you capture individual personality beyond inspirational. I strive to have that beautiful, simplistic ability to create a clear story someday. Thanks for being so awesome!

Millie González said...

These sketches are amazing! I love them! My favorite would have to be the tough kid with the visor.

I absolutely adore how much personality you can pack into such simple gestures. You have an amazing ability to tell a story with just a couple of lines.

Jeca Martinez said...

these sketches are amazing!