Sunday, November 20, 2011

What we do is Magical

The artwork that is born from our minds is an amazing gift that we get from the great beyond. I like to think that we are blessed souls who get to create something from nothing like magic.

There was a producer that my friend Jenny and I know who used to always have that sense of magic and wonder to her reactions every time she viewed our boards our any artwork on the walls. She would marvel at the amazing artwork and always had that sense of looking at the work for the first time. Her reaction was equal to a childs response to the quarter behind the ear trick.

She was a complete inspiration to me. I believe some artists like me who've been doing this for a while need to view the act and experience of art as blessed magic! This is how I want to feel about art and the experience of it. It's just simply "Magical"


Zach Stroeher said...

The first paragraph says it all.

I'm always incredibly thankful for just being able to create something from nothing. And if I bring a smile to just one persons face, I'm happy.

Sandro Cleuzo said...

Well said, Dave!

Larry MacDougall said...

I totally agree Dave - keep up the awesome work !