Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A fellow artist asked me "What keeps you inspired to do the job, what keeps you going"? 

This is what I told him.

Think of production as the settlement of the earth.  All the meetings, schedules, deadlines, various departments and opinions are like the layers of earth that all add up to the big globe of obligations.  But there's a fine layer of gold in the midst of all that compacted pressure.  It's bright shiny and full of luster!  It's your ART!  Your art is Golden!

It's that simple act and ability to bring life to a sketch or painting that never existed before.  The lines, strokes and decisions you chose to express in your work will always be yours. 

We usually have others  supervising, i.e. Directors, Heads of studios, and even our loved ones but none of them can make that exact choice you have.  So I finished my answer to my friend as "You are an artist and your art is GOLDEN"!

Interestingly that artists' name rhymes with golden.

Here are some of my quick gestures from Monday's class.  Take care!


Sean McCormack said...

Very inspiring words! Thanks, sometime you forget what it can be about! Abd brillinat sketches!

H. Ayoubi said...

Oh man those gestures are beauuuuutiful!!!

ZM Shore said...

Hey Dave, ZM Shore here again! Im loving the words of wisdom! You know just how to inspire man! I come to you today with another question if you wouldnt mind helping me out. I am currently taking a life drawing class at my local community college and I am pleased to say my sense of anatomy is getting a little better! But I am finding myself limited sometimes. The models themselves do not exactly push poses and I find myself drawing the same pose over and over. So I thought it would be great if instead of always doing nude studies, we could have our models dress up on occasion! Just like they do in traditional Gesture classes. I pitched my idea to my class while explaining what a traditional gesture class was, and just about all the students seemed really into it! My teacher literally said this in response "ZM, you are going to have a lot of sex in your life, and there are many poses in which to have sex, but odds are you wont be using very many of them." YEAH! I KNOW RIGHT?! I am left confused by this and I am not sure what this means. I was hoping you could help me decipher what she is trying to tell me or share some of your sage like advice. If not thanks anyway man and keep posting! Thanks again

--ZM Shore

Kendra Melton said...

AH! These are just ridiculously good! :D