Friday, July 15, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

I willl be selling my book  EVOKE at booth #5015.  Come by and check it out!  


Team Diana said...

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun!

rad sechrist said...

see you there!

Flynnjr said...

It was good to see you there. Crazy weekend.

I bought one of the small sketches you were selling. Thanks!

Ron said...

Dave! I wish I could've made it out to Comic-Con - maybe next year. Hope you're doing well, man! Keep up the excellent work!

P. Alvarado said...

Had lunch today with my friend Hugo who had the chance to go out to Comic Con and buy a copy of Evoke and he was showing it to us. Great collection of drawings, hope to get a copy for myself. Love your work and blog.

Dave Pimentel said...

It's been a while now and I finally feel caught up and rested from the Con crazyness.
thanks to all who visited the Con and my blog.
Hi Ron,
thank you P. Alvarado