Friday, March 04, 2011

Summer of 78

I was seven and Sam was eight.  We used to love playing with water ballons and of course the competition was fierce.  We'd fill the bucket up and then split the bombs and fire away.  I was pretty good considering I was blind as a bat but my inevitable down fall was that I was very gulible and believed Sam everytime when he said "theres no more water in the hose-take a look". 

You can pretty much guess what happened next....Water Pressure! (the theme of today's drawing)
And yes he was eight with stubble.

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Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Ha! awesome. I love the little story to accompany the drawing.

Jenny Lerew said...

Holy cats. I am NOT kidding you--I was just about to post this exact. same. drawing. Except in mine the kid is holding the hose up to his own eye.

Sigh...back to the drawing board! By the way--your drawing is awesome!

Mike Yamada said...

Hilarious! I think I've done this a few times to my brother

Shawn Scott Palmer said...

Hi Dave. Just wanted to say that your work is very inspirational and that this drawing really cracks me up. Love the "artist in animation" post...I agree completely!


Karl said...

So many summer memories just came flooding through my brain...from my washed out eye socket- haha you never forget that feeling