Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today's theme is TALL as you just read on my title.  hee hee....


leelee said...

David, this is a fun site. I like how you come up with a theme and stick to it. July 21, 2910 is the tall theme. Wow, that’s tall order. Myth has it that tall people especially men are more attractive to women. Tall women make a short man feel more exciting. Models are tall thin and exquisite gods and goddesses who tower over the rest of us squatty mortals. Tall tales really do stretch the truth. I carefully examined the whole site and the drawings alone are a laugh riot. Cartoons should look funny and be well drawn . They need to spark that ticklish funny bone and cause instant hysterical reactions. “Otherworldly, Training Wheels, Finally Back, Jazz, Sticks-N-Stones” and all the other incredibly funny illustrations certainly do. Now back to “Tall” that blue flamingo clone better not break a leg, “ouch.” Anyway, love the artwork and I needed a good laugh today. Keep up the funny stuff!

Dave Pimentel said...

Wow! That's quite a nice comment- I'm very lucky to have people like you enjoying my drawings.

And to all the artist and friends who've recently left comments- I'm inspired by you every day.

Draw draw draw!

Ryan Green said...'re back in action and catching up on old ones. I will not be doing the same (even though I scribbled one for "tall"). :) Keep it up!