Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball Player

Here we go with the bi-daily sketch I'm doing with Jeff Snow! Baseball player is it!
sketch away! Louie Del Carmen joined in too!
check out
Dave Derrick
Jenny Lerew
Josh Lieberman
Max Lawson


rad sechrist said...


Ryan Green said...

Nice batter pose! Here's my entry for this one:
Fun fun...

Max Lawson said...

I love the movement and silhouette in the first sketch!

Here's my submission:

Looks like Ryan Green and I are both going with the "brutal violence" angle here :)

Ryan Green said...

Max: Hey! Mine is not brutally violent...merely an unfortunate mistake. ;)

Nice image, by the way. Mound charges are probably the only exciting plays in baseball. Much more satisfy to play than watch, I suppose.

David Derrick said...

better than Preston Blair....Great stuff.

michaelamos said...

Awesome! All of these are wonderful.