Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cartoon Brew

So the guys at cartoon brew have slammed DW and Jeffrey katzenberg and then went after Steve Macleod? Why do they have such a chip on their shoulder? All of us who are actually working in this business are putting tons of time and energy into trying to make good films.

The truth for me is, I used to go to cartoon brew quite often as well, but I stopped going about a year ago because they just don't get the fact that there are a lot of talented people working at Dreamworks who don't deserve to get thrown out into the trash can with someone's opinion.

I think Jeffrey has got a good head on his shoulders and I give him credit for keeping the studio alive for this long. Im also surprised to see that when we opened the gates to hire a couple of story artists, we recieved tons of portfolios from amazing artist around the animation community. So it makes me think that there arent as many DW haters out there, especially when they need a job.

I met Jerry Beck {when he was authoring the "Bee Movie" Book....interenting?}and I liked him, he seemed genuinely interested in the studio and the art behind it all. I cant say much for anyone else at cartoon brew and I'm just not interested in the bashing that comes from the site-especially for Dreamworks.

I'm on Macleod's side.


Matt said...

Working with Jenny, Scott and Dave sounds like a dream come true to me. Sometimes folks just have to hate for hate's sake. Best to focus on the positive.

Early word on the street is that Kung-Fu Panda is gonna rock some socks. Can't wait for that one to hit theaters.


Daniel R said...

Cartoon Brew can be handy for spotting little indie animation I would miss otherwise, but I've also noticed that their criticism of DW starts to sound more and more irrational as they go on, and these are people who have said they liked Kung Fu Panda.

In my opinion they're just becoming curmudgeons when it comes to Dreamworks, and let their loathing of the executives bleed into judgement of the studio and its work as a whole.

I remember a while back when they posted an article by a former DW artist about how to stay satisfied in your work when you disagree with your bosses or executives. They posted the article but added a picture from Bee Movie to it (a film he had not worked on), trying to create the impression that he had just finished working on Bee Movie and was writing an article complaining about the supervisors managing him on it. Kind of mean.

Been admiring your blog a long time, Dave, and the advice on it has helped me improve my own sketching and life drawing.

gemini82 said...
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gemini82 said...

I agree with some of the things posted about some of the films,on the Brew. Kungfu Pada for example, i've heard good things about the film and saw a 2 min clip looks good. I just fear that the trailer my turn some folks off, also discussed on the Brew.

I get this funny feeling that the trailer is selling the film as the average insert pop culture reference joke, and some slap stick action here. My gut tells me the film is something more.

Saw it online and while watching the new Indy. Some guy sitting in front of me happend to whisper," thats going to be stupid",justifying my fears about the trailer. Long story short trailer sells the film short, which has nothing to do with the talented artists who worked on the film, me expressing fustration.

Some of the curmudgeons over at the Brew are correct but sometimes there are more tactful ways of stating an opinion.

I can see how it may have turned you off. John K's blog had the same affect on me.

Done blabbering now. Back to your regularly scheduled posts.

tiny dean said...
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Mokuu said...

Its odd, it feels like criticism is turning into bashing these days. As if it was useful to anyone. I dunno what this online attitude is coming to. Seems the invisible mask gets people to act like jerks to anyone.