Thursday, May 04, 2006

Challenge yourself with back shots

Many times I've seen artists move to get the best front or side pose they can. I think thats totally fine, but there is a certain challenge to drawing someone from the angle given to you in the moment. James Robertson {theironscythe}does them very well. Here are a few of my back shot drawings, I don't mind doing them.


Jenny said...

These are nice....I love back shots(and I'll put up a couple from my book to prove it!). First--with this angle there's no worries about the subject seeing you staring them down(ha!), and also--the curves of the back and the weight of the body standing are really emphasized from this angle...also, I think one of the most beautiful designs in nature is the back or 3/4 view of a neck going into the head--like you've shown here on the girl.

It'd be kind of neat to make the model show us just their backs for a whole bunch of poses next class--whaddya think?

J said...

These are great Dave. Thanks for mention, its very very gracious.

Victor Ens said...

Great studies !!
Really like 'em

Furious Peter Hon said...

The second one is really nice. Always nice to see the line of the spine. Its always a very organic fun S-curve line.

Is it just me, or is drawing the backs of folks who are wearing heavy jackets a bit difficult? I always end up drawing what looks like a stump with legs. Maybe I should put some details into the face so it doesn't look like a blob.... :P

martin wittig said...

Excellent sketches:)

Lee-Roy said...

Back shots are evocative.