Monday, April 17, 2006

A small lesson

Here we have a small correction i did in the class. The drawing on top was done by the student and mine on the bottom. It's really tuff sometimes when you doing a sketch and all of the drawing principles are trying to crash down into one little sketch. The idea I was trying to stress here was "keep it focused on what's happening". Meaning, the girl was sitting and smelling her steaming cup of coffee. The top drawing was struggling with the clarity and sillohuette of that goal. It's always nice to look for a point of interest or story in the pose of a gesture model or someone your sketching out on the street.


willipino said...

really nice adjustment, dave.

Wilbert Plijnaar said...

I kinda disagree .
Even though I see the girl seems to be sipping instead of sniffing, the top drawing instantly draws my eye to the edge of the coffee cup and therefore the point of interest.
The 'improvement' obliterates that clarity in a flurry of lines. The girl is now,.. eh ..sniffing perhaps? Dreaming maybe ?
The crucial new information is given through a 'symbol' a short cut, a special effect , a wriggly line which tells us the liquid in the cup is giving off a hot vapour.
Sorry , but that is like drawing sweat drips around her head to show she's ashamed or sorry about something. (which doesn't mean I could do it better.. just analizing here)

Dave Pimentel said...

one of the things i continually encourage in my class is for the students to draw in their own style. I understand that art is subjective. But when I do a correction drawing over someones work it is done right in front of them. My correction sketch is directly related to the moment that the student is doing the sketch and looking at the model at hand. Each and every student has the ability to work with me and take what they can from my experiences in drawing and so does anyone who looks at this blog. thank you for your post Wilbert.